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Purple Hippo $7.99
Red Dragon $7.99
Black Wolf $7.99
Lava Orange $7.99
Surfer Blue $7.99

About Pennybandz® Necklaces

Every year over 30 million pennies are pressed in over 3000 penny press machines in the United States. We press the penny to remember the great time we are having or the exciting new place we are seeing. Now there is a way to keep that great feeling going. Pennybandz® hold on to that memory in a bracelet or necklace so you can hold on to your magical adventures forever.


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What are Pennybandz® & Pickbandz®?

Pennybandz® and Pickbandz® are a great way to hold on to your adventure in a bracelet or necklace.

Why Pennybandz® & Pickbandz®?

Pennybandz® & Pickbandz® are a great way to hold on to your pressed penny or guitar pick and spark a conversation.

Which do I choose?

Designed for adventurers of all ages, our bandz come in a variety of styles & colors to best fit your personal taste and style.