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At Pennybandz®, we love to get outside, travel, rock on and Live the Adventure. We know first-hand the importance of quality time with family, new adventures and rocking out without breaking the bank. Our patent pending product line designs are an incredible value and a true one-of-a-kind souvenir. If you share our enthusiasm for living the adventure and rocking out, then share those memories with others with Pennybandz® and Pickbandz® products. We stand behind all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pennybandz®, LLC is new to the business world, but our goal is timeless - to run our business in a way that supports each other and the world we do business in. We want to set an example for other start-up businesses so we are going to give a portion of all proceeds to foundations that our customers support and love. Through good business practices, we will also strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

The simple idea for our product line was sparked while doing what we love most, spending time with our family in beautiful Colorado last October. It was on this trip that we decided that we wanted to spend more time with our family and more time living the adventure. So, we decided to leave the corporate world and start Pennybandz®, LLC. We wanted to create a cool and unique product that everyone would enjoy and love, and at the same time create a souvenir that has an incredible value.

Our goal is to have a product line that inspires us all to Live the Adventure. Deep down we all want to have more time to go on vacation with our family...Press On!. Deep down we all have that desire to learn to play the guitar and to jam like a rock-star...Rock On! Pennybandz® and Pickbandz® are a cool and stylish way to keep these dreams alive and to share them with others.

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What are Pennybandz® & Pickbandz®?

Pennybandz® and Pickbandz® are a great way to hold on to your adventure in a bracelet or necklace.

Why Pennybandz® & Pickbandz®?

Pennybandz® & Pickbandz® are a great way to hold on to your pressed penny or guitar pick and spark a conversation.

Which do I choose?

Designed for adventurers of all ages, our bandz come in a variety of styles & colors to best fit your personal taste and style.